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Gore Dako

Perhaps one of the most complex coffees that we sourced via our relationship with Red Fox Coffee Merchants, Gore Dako opened its first harvest season in Fall 2019 in the rapidly changing coffee landscape of Ethiopia.

Part of the Kata Muduga cooperatives, Gore Dako is part of the larger Agaro region in Jimma and is now benefiting from having their coffees distinguished and recognized in the marketplace. This is a result of USAID’s Technoserve project, which focused on improving African coffee farmers’ lives by helping them get better prices for their coffee.

With more cooperatives benefiting from loosened restrictions on how coffee is traded in Ethiopia, more and more are establishing their own unique identities and voices in the form of the coffees that they are now able to share with the world with proper respect to its origin. Gore Dako is now one of the latest to benefit from this and we are excited to offer this amazing coffee that is best described as a surprise in every sip.

Origin | Jimma, Ethiopia
Farmer | Gore Dako
Tasting Notes | Honey, Cantaloupe, Jasmine
Altitude | 2000-2100 MASL
Variety | Ethiopia Landraces
Drying Method | Raised Beds
Process | Washed

*All coffees are roasted on Wednesdays and go out for the delivery the following day (Thursday).