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Jose Cienfuegos

This coffee is as lively as is our relationship with Red Fox Coffee Merchants. Through thoughtful discourse with Red Fox’s co-founder, Aleco Chigounis, we realized that our views for a more sustainable coffee community were in alignment with one another and this moment led us being able to offer this delicious coffee produced by Jose Cinfuegos and processed by Ernesto Perez. Jose produces this amazing coffee on his farm near the town of Huatusco, where he cultivates Bourbon and Garnica varietals. Garnica a hybrid of Caturra and Mundo Novo, both being dwarf mutations of Bourbon, and primarily only found in Veracruz. Like the communal aspects that the final cup results in, the same can be said for the logistics of processing coffee in Veracruz, as many producers use central mills. Jose’s coffee is no different as he has forged a relationship with his neighbor, Ernesto Perez of Finca Fatima, which is both from a farm and a mill. Through this relationship, Jose is able to process his coffee at Finca Fatima utilizing a washed process, fermented in dry concrete tanks and then mechanically dried. Ernesto is on a path tp put the Coatepec name, which is in the community of his farm, on the map for specialty coffee with innovative processing methods he is providing to neighboring producers.

Origin | Veracruz, Mexico
Farmers | Jose Cienfuegos & Ernesto Perez
Tasting Notes | Lemongrass, Cherry, Meyer Lemon
Community | Ohuapan
Altitude | 1350 MASL
Variety | Bourbon & Garnica
Drying Method | Mechanically Dried
Process | Washed

*All coffees are roasted on Wednesdays and go out for the delivery the following day (Thursday).