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Pedro Ortiz

This is another coffee coming to us via our relationship with Red Fox Coffee Merchants. Through thoughtful discourse with Red Fox’s co-founder, Aleco Chigounis, we realized that our views for a more sustainable coffee community were in alignment with one another and this moment led our ability to showcase this coffee from Pedro Ortiz.

Pedro is the producer behind this vibrant coffee that resulted from the combined efforts of family and neighbors in the San Lucas Yosonicaje community of Santa Maria Yucuhiti. Pedro is entrusted to take their smaller lots and deliver the parchment to a central location: this is a common system employed throughout the coffee community in Oaxaca where one person who is a community leader acts as a liaison, representing the families of rural areas on a larger scale. Pedro’s relationship with Red Fox is a new but growing one as they were introduced by another local miller in Oaxaca who facilitated this fortunate meeting due to the restrictions that COVID presented in 2020.

Origin | Oaxaca, Mexico
Farmer | Pedro Ortiz
Tasting Notes | Lavender, Peach, Cacao
Community | San Lucan Yosonicaje
Altitude | 1400-1800 MASL
Variety | Bourbon & Typica
Drying Method | Patio & Petate Mats
Process | Washed

*All coffees are roasted on Wednesdays and go out for the delivery the following day (Thursday).